Moviebox Apk Free Download For Your Android-ios- Windows Device 2019

Moviebox APK is an Android application that falls into the category of movies and entertainment. the developers of the Moviebox have launched it to give access to millions of movies from various countries for free users.

Yes, the Moviebox app does not cost you a single penny because it is completely free of cost, and you don’t have to pay for any service like Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

Moviebox APK allows you to watch movies of every category like Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, and more. But, who has tested the Moviebox app?

Does Moviebox APK work on your Android device?

We will reveal everything about the Moviebox app in this tutorial today, so make sure to read to the end.

Moviebox APK for Android Devices

Unfortunately, the Moviebox app is not available on the Google Play store, so you cannot download and install it directly from the play store, but Android does allow you to install third-party apps.

In simple words, Moviebox APK is a third-party application, and you can install it to your Android smartphone, Android Tablet, Android emulator, and even Android-based computers. Allow us to show you how you can install the application on your device without any errors.

Note The interface of the Android device changes from one version to another, but the features and options remain at the same place.

Step 1: Download Moviebox APK and tap on the application in the “downloads” app. Now you can See Another one option in below Screenshot.

moviebox apk for android

Step 2: You have to tap on the “SETTINGS” because Android blocks any third-party application trying to install an app without your consent, which is a great feature by the Official Android team. Once you are done you will get another one option to the next process.

movie box

Step 3: The SETTINGS will take you to the Security tab, and you have to scroll until you find “unknown sources” options. You have to tap on it, and tap on “allow only this installation,” to avoid other apps trying to install apps in the background without your consent.

Download Moviebox apk

Step 4: Now, you have a huge list of permissions the Moviebox APK asking you to grant it, but do not skip it, and read them one-by-one for your security.


It will ask you to grant permissions that aren’t good for your privacy because it might steal information from you, so make sure you don’t have anything on your device that might put your privacy at risk.

Then tap on install.

Step 5: It will take a few minutes to install if you have a slower device. But, it takes a few seconds to one minute to install smoothly on your device usually.

movibox app

Step 6: In the next few seconds, you will have an “app installed” on the status bar, and you can click on “done” or “open.”

download moviebox

In some Android devices, you have to go back to Settings > Security > Unknown sources, and make sure it is not selected, or else you are putting your security at risk. The options are different in a few Android versions, so make sure to Google to find out the right guidance to reach unknown sources, and it’s very easy to turn off, so why not take a few seconds to secure your privacy.

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Movie Box APK for Windows PC & Mac PC

Fortunately, there are many ways you can install an Android app on your Windows-based PC’s and allow us to show you how you can install it on your Windows-based PC.

Keep in mind that hardware does play a part in installing an Android app, and it won’t hurt your device in any way.

==> Your Windows PC must have 2GB of RAM, and it could be DDR2 or DDR5, and variant doesn’t matter.

==> The processor of the computer must support “Intel® VT,” or Intel virtualization technology. If your computer has AMD, then it is called “AMD-V™” or AMD virtualization technology. You can download the tools from the processor’s manufacturers and check if your PC is compatible with it, or not. It also applies to Apple Mac Intel and AMD processor as well.

==> You need a graphics card to run games, it latest AMD or Intel PCs, but since you are installing it to watch movies on Moviesbox APK, then you can avoid the Graphics Card part.

==> Update your integrated and dedicated graphics card to avoid errors.

==> You need an Android emulator for Windows, and I recommend you to try MeMu Player and NoxApp Player. I recommend you both of them, and you can select any of them, and I don’t see much of the difference in them.

We know that you are surprised that we did not recommend Blue stacks because we have experienced many Android players, and MeMu player and NoxApp player does not have any bloatware, so it’s smooth and easy to use.

But, you have to make sure that your processor supports Intel VT and AMD Hyper-V. Keep in mind that low-end computers don’t support virtualization and even when they are manufactured in 2014 or the latest edition.

Moviebox APK for Mac Pc

If you are using Apple Mac manufactured 2010 or above, then you don’t need to worry about the specifications because Apple machines are high-end, to begin with, it. The good part of having an Apple machine is that they never have the issue of low-end hardware.

Even their mid-range Macbook and Mac PCs have decent specs enough to run all the latest applications and software Android system on the machine.

I recommend you Nox App Player because the developers have designed specifically for the Apple machines.

Step 1: We are going to download Subway Surfers and click on the application twice in the downloads folder.

Nocplayer apk

Step 2: You will have a notification in the Windows notification area, and you have to click on it. You can find it in the Windows 10 notification area.

Noxplayer app

Step 3: The Nox App Player or MeMu app player will detect the application automatically, then it will install automatically. Keep in mind that you have to click on the downloaded application to begin the installation.

sunway surf

Step 4: After the Moviebox app installed, you can find the icon on the home screen – Subway Surfers, in this case.

Noxplayer Emulater

We have also reviewed the application at the end of the tutorial, so make sure to read its benefits and downsides that you wish knew before you downloaded it.

It doesn’t matter; if you are using Windows or Mac, the application installation process will remain the same on the Mac and Windows PC. Make sure you are using the Nox App player to follow the instructions we have shown in the above tutorial.

Download Cinema Box apk from here

Why is Moviebox APK not available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store?

Google and Apple is a registered company that follows the rules and guidelines in every country without any hesitation.

Every developer who submits their application to the Apple app store and Google play store has to follow a set of rules and policies that protect users from privacy invasion and illegal activities.

1. The Moviebox app offers media streaming like Movies and movies are copyrighted content.

2.  The Moviebox APK developers have to get a proper license from moviemakers to stream it on a platform like Netflix.

3.   I think you have aware of the situation that Moviebox app developers are unknown, thus expecting to get a license for the app is out of the question.

4.  Google and Apple do not approve any application that does not have enough rights to stream movies via their platform.

You can also download the Newest Movie HD APK The conversation ends here.

You have the answer that Moviebox APK violates Google copyrights policy and Apple copyrights policy.

Moviebox Review

Moviebox app is a media content streaming application that promises to deliver the latest movies, but is it worth your time?

We have tested the application on the reputed website VirusTotal, and we found no virus, malware, adware, hacking files, and malvertising.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work at all.

Yes, you read it right, the application doesn’t work at all because providing streaming services takes infrastructure, or rent it. I don’t think that the developers could come up with the funds to fund their projects.

So, what now?

Instead of watching movies on the Moviesbox app, why not try the website? Allow us to share with you a website, where you can watch movies in good quality without paying a penny.

The website FMovies, where you can watch popular international movies without paying a single penny. But, the domain name changes from time to time, so Google FMovies, and you will get the latest domain extension that the website is running on it.

1: You can select movies based on the country, and there are other options on the top menu.

movie hd

2: You can find Cartoon HD movies and Hollywood movies on it. Do not worry about performance because I am using it for a long time, and that is why I am suggesting it to you.

movie hd

3: You can select the video resolution from 1080P, 720P, 480P, and 360P (if available.)


The only annoying part of the Fmovies that you have to deal with the pop-up advertisements and yes, there will be more than ten pop-up advertisements you have to click when clicking on the play button.


If you are using the latest Android or iOS device, or a computer, then movies should play smoothly on your device. Let us know what do you think about the service in the comment section below.