5 Most Popular Payment Methods Among Freelancers

Freelancing has been gaining popularity among all sorts of  specialists. Work from home is the new favorite occupation, especially, among millenials. Nowadays, there is barely any task that cannot be performed from the comfort of one’s home.

Being a freelancer offers lots of benefits. First of all, it gives you the freedom to work from any place in the world, to manage working hours yourself, and to pick up just the right amount of workload. Also, it allows you to work fewer hours and yet get higher profits compared to a “traditional” office job.

It sounds like a dream job, right? It really does, but it also holds a few unclear nuances that everyone should keep in mind, and one of them is the payment.

While the payment procedure in the office is pretty standard everywhere, not everything is that simple on freelance. What method should clients use to pay for essay writer service when they are college students who need help with an essay? How to pay if the client requires you to develop a website, or do any other task? In this article, we will try to figure this out!

Top Best Payment Systems for Freelancers

While there is still an old-fashioned way of receiving the money you earn on freelance such as paper checks or in-person cash payments, most specialists prefer to do everything online. There are a few reasons for that:

  • it doesn’t waste your or your customer’s time
  • it’s fast
  • it broadens your horizons as you can get paid by customers from all around the world
  • it’s convenient

As you can see, getting paid online is much more efficient than receiving cash or check. However, the real question is which system to choose since there are just too many of them? Below, you can find a list of top five payment methods most widely used among freelancers.


Without a doubt, PayPal is the biggest and most popular money transfer company. It has an excellent reputation and is widely used all around the globe. This system already has over 200 million users, supports transactions in 25 currencies, and works in 202 countries.


  • Simple registration;
  • widely known, so most customers will be okay with using it;
  • simple and user-friendly interface;
  • convenient funds tracking feature.


  • Not the lowest fees for sending money
  • PayPal shares users’ data with third parties


This service is relatively young, but it has already gained a decent reputation and works with a large number of freelance websites. Also, Payoneer is among one of the most preferred payment options among customers. Your clients should not have any trouble arranging the payments via this system.


  • Available worldwide
  • Simple in use
  • Possibility to order a physical credit card
  • Different currencies available
  • Partnership with major freelance platforms, which makes payments from websites like UpWork, Fiverr, and others more secure


  • Complex registration procedure
  • A bit high withdrawal fees


The next popular payment method is also widely used by professionals and customers from all around the globe. Skrill has been around for quite a while, and it is considered a low-cost international system for transferring money.


  • Fast and simple registration
  • Intuitive use
  • Partnership with a large number of freelance platforms
  • Widely known and used (especially by freelancers based in the US and UK)


  • Fees are competitive, but still not cheap
  • A VIP card status costs €6000 for three months

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Hubstaff is a top-rated service, and there is much more to it than just a possibility to transfer funds! With its help, customers and freelancers can automate the cooperation.

Customers can monitor your activity and productivity, track the time spent on a particular task, and create automatic payments. Freelancers can set up accurate electronic invoices and receive money faster and easier.


  • Convenience and simplicity in use
  • Wide functionality and versatility
  • Automatic invoicing and payroll
  • Convenient time tracking feature
  • A smart way to organize the workflow


  • No instant messaging feature
  • Sometimes there may be a small difference in time tracking reports depending on whether you use a web or desktop version

Electronic Funds Transfer

Finally, quite many people prefer using an electronic funds transfer. An EFT is widely considered to be a safe way to transfer money as it moves funds right from the customer’s bank account to yours, without any additional systems or apps required. Thus, this method will definitely keep your private data safe. Also, this payment method is the cheapest of all.


  • The lowest price
  • Convenient and simple in use
  • No need to use additional systems
  • Fast
  • Safe


  • To use this method, both a customer and freelancer need to have bank accounts
  • Accommodating transfer requests may be hard or expensive depending on your bank

Final Words

It is hard to tell for sure which of the mentioned payment systems will work best for you.

Eventually, the real bottom line of choosing the right payment method while being a freelancer always gets down to your preferences, needs, and unique situation! However, it is never a bad idea to know what the options are.

Hopefully, reading our top list of the most popular and reliable systems will help every freelancer make the right decision!