Top 6 Applications That Are Alternatives Of Cartoon HD PlayView [2022]

Watching cartoons was one of the best pastimes that we can ever think of when we were kids. Remember the time when we used to come back to our home from school and switch on the TV to watch cartoons?

Fortunately, time and technology have evolved in drastic ways. Now, we have access to streaming platforms like Netflix that provide us with entertainment at the tip of our fingertips. Because of the rise of these platforms, we have access to lots of cartoons and other movies and series that we can watch from any smartphone, computer, or television.

Cartoon HD is one such website that allows you to watch your favorite cartoons without much hassle. Even though you are an older and more mature person now, that does not mean that you cannot watch cartoons. Perhaps it’s time for your children to do the same.

But what if Cartoon HD does not work? What are the various alternatives of Cartoon HD that you can access right now! Read on to find out!

What Is Cartoon HD?

Cartoon HD is an application that is dedicated to showing cartoons from all across the globe. It also shows many popular TV series and movies that get updated from time to time. The best thing about the popularity behind the use of Cartoon HD is that it is completely free and requires no user registration too.

Alongside showcasing all the popular cartoons, it also shows quite a few anime series as well (though they are technically not cartoons). Also, you have the option to download your favourite cartoons for free from this website, so that you can watch them later on.

This application and the alternatives of Cartoon HD are not available on Google Play or the App Store for Android and iPhone users. Instead, you have to manually download and install the file from its official website, which you can search on Google. 

Alternative Of Cartoon HD

There can be many situations where Cartoon HD is unavailable because of many reasons. This can be due to a server issue, where the server might become slow or be under maintenance. Or it could be the fault of the application not working in the proper way it was supposed to.

Therefore, in such situations, we believe it is important for you to know about some alternatives of Cartoon HD that will help you out in a pinch like this.

Keeping that in mind, we believe that these six applications and websites will help you fill the void in your heart when you are not able to watch your favourite cartoons or let your children watch them either. 

The best alternatives of Cartoon HD are:

1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a live video-on-demand service that was launched by Amazon and is one of the best alternatives of Cartoon HD. It has lots of TV series and movies for you to watch and enjoy, some of which have been famous and are even academy award winners. 

Amazon Prime Video is paid and has applications for smartphones as well. It also has an entire section dedicated to children, which includes a large assortment of children’s shows and cartoons as well. 

2. Netflix

By now, everyone knows what Netflix is. Whenever you open a video on YouTube, there is a high chance that you will be shown an ad on Netflix. However, while Netflix is mostly famous for its assortment of great TV shows and movies, it also has an amazing collection of children’s movies and cartoons too that will keep you and your children entertained for hours. 

3. ShowBox

ShowBox is a free web-based Movie and TV streaming application, accessible to use on Android gadgets. It is viewed as the main application on Android that permits clients to watch motion pictures in HD for nothing, serving as the main alternatives of Cartoon HD.

The extraordinary thing about it is that it has perhaps the greatest assortment of motion pictures and shows that are coordinated into numerous classifications like children’s cartoons as well. 

4. Amaze Kids

Amaze Kids is a subpart of YouTube that allows children to watch cartoons and kids’ content for free of cost. This website is built to allow it to be fully explorable by children since it does not view non-children’s explicit content at all. 

5. PBS Kids Video

PBS Kids is a famous website with its application that allows you to watch kids’ videos and cartoons for free. Many kids show on the PBS Kids channels. Just tap on the “Live TV” button to watch a cartoon that is being aired right now. 

6. Disney+

Disney+ is one of the latest applications to be launched on this list. Carrying the banner of Disney, this has all the amazing animated movies that Disney is popular for. 


All the six applications and websites mentioned here – PBS Kids Video, Disney+, Amaze Kids, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and ShowBox are all great alternatives to Cartoon HD. These are all webisodes that have a large library of children’s cartoons that you can have your children watch anytime.

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