Download and Install Super Mario Bros APK for Windows PC and Mac

Super Mario Bros is a video game that was released by the “Nintendo NES” three decades ago in 1985. It is the most classic game of the Mario franchise.

You would certainly agree with me if I say that we grew up playing “Super Mario Bros”.  To say it to the best, Super Mario Bros is an amazing game that can take you back to your childhood days because this is the way old game that is without a doubt the most loveable game. 

With this game of Super Mario Bros, the quote “Old is Gold” stands completely true because people today still love this amazing game and are still addicted to playing Super Mario Bros. Every level (known as the world) within the Super Mario Bros game amazes you to keep going to the next level till the end where the Mario character saves the queen from the Boss.  

Having said that, even people are looking to play the Super Mario Bros game to play it on their Windows PCs, Mac OS, and iOS devices. This simply tells us that this game has a craze among the people to get this game played on their computer and smartphone screen.

Further, before discussing how to download and install Super Mario Bros on PC and Mac, let’s first look at some amazing set of Super Mario Bros features:

Key Features 

  • Super Mario Bros is the most popular 2D game of all time

  • There are 4 stages for each level which altogether consist of the player Mario to travel across 8 worlds.

  • Different worlds come up with various spikes like climbing mountains, crossing seas, pits having no bottom, and fighting with the turtles.
  • There are several power-ups like fire flowers, stars, and super mushroom

  • 1ups for an extra life by killing enemies

Like that, there are many more things and adventurous stuff filled within each level in the Super Mario Bros game. Besides this, you will be able to pick the superpowers like shooting fireballs to deal with the enemies.

From the game graphics to the kind of adventure stages, everything about the Super Mario Bros is spectacular.

How to Download and Install Super Mario Bros APK On PC and Mac 

To easily download and run Super Mario Bros on PC and Mac, the first thing you should do is to install the NoxPlayer. Here are the guided steps to do so:

Step 1: First, you need to Download Super Mario Bros APK to your computer

Step 2: After that, Download and Install the “NoxPlayer” from its official website.

Step 3: Thereafter, you need to “turn on” the “Root” Option from going to the System Settings.

Step 4: Next, you need to click on the save changes and follow the instructions to restart the NoxPlayer.

Step 5: Now, simply drag and drop the Super Mario Bros APK into NoxPlayer and Click the “Open APK Folder” 

Step 6: Select the Super Mario Bros icon and choose “install”.

Step 7: After the successful installation, you can set the relevant keyboard controls and save the keys.

Step 8: Finally when all set and done, you can finally start playing the Super Mario Bros on your Windows PC or Mac device.

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I hope that this article has drawn you with the steps that you can make use of to download and run Super Mario Bros on your Windows PC and Mac devices.

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