Mobile slot players on the increase: The end of traditional gaming approach

It’s easy to see the influence advances in technology have on our everyday lives and the advanced technology of smartphones has to be one of the biggest examples of how technology has completely transformed the way we live our lives, from how we work, communicate with loved one to how we entertain ourselves and while away the hours!

The gambling industry is one that has embraced with open arms advances in technology as mobile gaming has meant that more people can play online slots whenever and wherever they are, from playing online slots on their daily commute to work on the train, to playing their favourite slot games from the comfort of their own home, some lucky players even becoming millionaires by barely lifting a finger!  

But is this the end of traditional gaming as we know it? Will people totally abandon playing slot games in brick and mortar casinos and instead only opt to play games on their mobile phones? Let’s have a look at what the current trends are and see if they can shed any light on the future of slot machine gaming!  

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Mobile vs Desktop Play 

There was a time not too long ago when the difference between desktop play and mobile play were very different and the quality was vastly different. However, now with advancements in technology, the experience is just as good playing on mobile devices as it is on a desktop, which had led to a surge in players choosing to play on their more convenient mobile, even when they’re at home and not just when they are out and about and unable to have access to their desktop. 

Mobile Apps for Slot Gaming

Many players choose to use online casinos on their mobile phones via various internet browsers to play slot games, however, some online casinos may not be optimised and reactive for mobile play and are more suitable for desktop play.

However, now you can not only play games on your phone on an online casino via an internet browser, but there are dedicated apps for smartphones where the developers have creased specialised apps which are solely developed for the purpose of playing slot games. These apps can be widely downloaded to any smartphone device as well as tablets via the internet.

Is Mobile Gaming better than Desktop Play?

As it currently stands, it’s not all good news for mobile gaming and it may be too soon to put desktop play in the past, as it still does have some benefits over mobile play, despite mobile gaming becoming more popular.

The main downfall of mobile gaming is that a great deal of smartphone screens aren’t big enough to really provide an immersive experience, especially with video slot games which provide more of cinematic experience to players.

Although mobiles are not getting bigger screens that are more flush in their design, they simply don’t compare to the size of a desktop screen which can offer a much more immersive experience. This can often lead to players hunching over their mobile screens, squinting to try and see all the information displayed on the screen. It has to be said, however, than apps tend to be better at displaying the information than online casinos in an internet browser on a mobile phone. 

Another downfall of mobile casino apps and playing slots on a mobile phone devise rather than desktop is the battery life is substantially drained by the apps and the games. Online slot games have powerful and high-definition graphics which are exceptional quality but are a drain on the battery life of mobile devices.

This means that there is often a compromise to be made if you want to play games on your mobile, however, a lot of people who play slot games on their mobile phones do only play for a short period of time, in short burst while they are on their lunch break or on their way to and from work, reserving longer stints of gambling for either in a brick and mortar casino or on their desktop. 

Although graphics have improved a great deal and made mobile gaming a brilliant past time when waiting in queues, commuting or as a simple past time on breaks, the graphics still don’t compare to the quality that is provided on desktops, as only desktop computers have the power required to uphold the integrity of such high-quality graphics.

One reason playing mobile slot games is better than the traditional approach to gaming, as well as desktop play, is that playing on mobile slots is very appealing for players as there are many prizes and bonuses available to players.

In order to keep players playing on mobile slot game apps, many developers offer players prizes, brilliant extras and tempting bonuses so that they choose to play on the app instead of going back to either playing slot games on online casinos on desktops or at brick and mortar casinos. 

The Verdict

There isn’t a huge difference in the grand scheme of things between mobile apps where you can play slot games and desktop play, although there are pros and cons for both. Because there is benefits and downfalls of both, mobile slot play is unlikely to completely take over desktop play as many players will wish to still play on desktops, especially those who have an appreciation for graphics and want a more cinematic experience from their gaming.

The future of slot gaming is also possibly going to be filled with virtual reality casinos, where players use virtual reality headsets to feel like they are in a real-life casino and can interact with various slot machines and move virtually around the casino floor. There are already a number of slot game available using this technology, all of which require players to play on desktop. Although at the rate technology is advancing, it probably won’t be too long before virtual reality slot games are available on mobile apps too!


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