Spotify Premium Free APK Download LATEST Version (2020 Updated)

Download Spotify Premium APK App

Spotify Premium Free APK is the best android application for listening to live streaming online music. It is an app for listening to the latest songs on your device.
You can get this app on all of the available platforms. Spotify player was developed and introduced by Startup Spotify AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Spotify Premium APK has a feature of downloading songs. Spotify APK has a lot of features in it but most of the features are paid on subscriptions.
Free feature of Spotify only allows you to access through basic features of Spotify for additional features you need to enter to the Spotify premium with paid services. You can also listen to your favorite music without downloading it with the help of the Spotify app. Spotify provides a feature of sharing your songs playlist and tracks on social media or making a playlist with other users. Spotify has access to more than 30 billion songs.
On Spotify Premium APK music can be searched or browsed by using parameters like artist, album, song, genre, playlist, etc. Users are able to create, edit or share playlists and soundtracks on social media. You are also allowed to make a playlist with other users. Spotify has access to over 30 million new and old songs.

These all features were introduced by CEO Daniel EK at a press conference. The playlist of Spotify gets updated regularly every Friday and can be maximum up to 2 hours of length.

The new feature of Spotify is a daily mix in which your favorite songs/tracks get the mix. New users of Spotify are able to access the daily mix after using Spotify at least for 2 weeks. Spotify players use DRM ( Digital Rights Management ) protection, it is proprietary.

Spotify has an app feature known as the Spotify app which has several interesting features in it for listening and streaming your favorite song. Most of the used feature of Spotify is a premium feature known as Spotify premium APK.

In this feature of Spotify premium, the users get paid subscriptions of this feature in which the will get high-quality songs, access to download and listening songs. You will get rid of the unwanted ads in this Spotify premium  Free APK.

Spotify also has an extension feature. you not only need to download or install the Spotify app for using it but instead of downloading you can also get the Spotify web extension on your chrome web browser and enjoy the music streaming on Spotify live. Spotify gives you all of the latest songs on your browsers free of cost.

You do not need to pay any amount for listening to streaming songs on Spotify web from your chrome browser. As you are aware that Spotify web extension only works over the chrome browser other browsers do not support this extension feature, for enjoying the Spotify extension feature you first of all need to install the Chrome web browser to your desktop. Click here for more information.

What is the Spotify app?

With The Use Of Spotify, You will be able to listen to the songs by clicking on the play option for listening to your favorite streaming songs.

Every country does not allow the music download option in Spotify only some of them have access to the download option but in the future, it might be available to all countries.

  • Spotify premium APK is paid app Spotifyify available for android and apple IOS. For getting this app you need to pay some nominal amount.

How to download Spotify Premium APK

Step – 1: First of all download the Spotify Premium Free APK from the links provided on the web or you can also download the Spotify app by using the google play store of your android device but the best option for downloading is to get through the link of Spotify app.

Step – 2: Click on the link of downloading the app. Now, wait till the download gets completed.

Step – 3: After confirming that your download has been completed. Click on the download option and look for Spotify’s downloaded file.

Step – 4: Click on the downloaded file to open it.

How to install Spotify Premium APK on Android Phone

Step – 1: Open the downloaded file.

Step – 2: You will see an option of install. Click on that option.

Step – 3: Now wait till the installation process is done.

Step – 4: After successfully installing the Spotify Apk, install the Spotify premium apk, you will get an option of Spotify premium APK in the Spotify app.

Step – 5: Now click on the login button present in the app. Log in with your Spotify log in Id or if you do not have any Id then register on the app and form a Spotify Log in Id.

Step – 6: After a successful login, you are able to use all the features of Spotify Premium APK.

How to install Spotify Premium APK on PC – Desktop

Step – 1: Forgetting Spotify Premium apk on your Windows PC you need to, first of all, install an android emulator.

Step – 2: The best and popular android emulator for PC is bluestacks. Download the blue stack from the links available on the web.

Step – 3: After a successful download of the bluestacks emulator go to the downloaded section and look for the downloaded file.

Step – 4: Now click on the downloaded option. You will get an option of install. Click on the install option for getting the bluestacks emulator to your PC.

Step – 5: Run the bluestacks and make your google credentials on it.

Step – 6: After a run, bluestacks please download the Spotify Premium Free apk Crack for PC.

Step – 7: After downloading the apk file click on that to install it in bluestacks.

Step – 8: Now , you have successfully installed the app on your PC and you are free to run it on your window desktop.

Spotify player has protected content (digital rights management) from record labels and media management. Spotify Premium APK Free is an app that is provided by Spotify without any charges, this is known as. In this app, basic features are provided free but the additional features are only available on paid subscriptions on installing the Spotify Premium APK for enjoying the high quality and ad-free songs from great artists and newly released or latest albums.

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How to install the Beta mod of Spotify Premium APK

Step – 1: For installing the Beta mod of Spotify Premium APK you first need to root your device.

Step – 2: For rooting your device there are several methods of rooting device. Look on the web for rooting your device.

Step – 3: Now, Download the Spotify beta mod of Spotify apk from the different links Spotify APK cracked available on the web.

Step – 4: After downloading the application, install it on your device.

Step – 5: After getting installed, open the Spotify beta mod and log in to it with login credentials.

Step – 6: Now, in the next step download the Xposed framework to your device.

Step – 7: After downloading the Xposed framework to your device, install it.

Step – 8: Next, you need to download Spotify apk to your device.

Step – 9: Now install Spotify apk in your device.

Step – 10: After completing all these steps activate the Spotify skip module from Spotify Skip apk.

Step – 11: In last, Restart your device and you have successfully installed the Beta mod of Spotify Premium APK Now you can enjoy it in your device.

How to install Spotify APK final mega mod for 2020

Step – 1: Forgetting mega mod of Spotify APK first of all, you need to uninstall All of the previous versions of Spotify music if installed on your device and if you have not installed any version previously then skip this step.

Step – 2: Now download the Spotify Premium APK into your device.

Step – 3: Install the Spotify premium APK to your device.

Step – 4: Now install the final mega MOD apk in your device.

Step – 5: Click to the downloaded file of MOD apk and install it to the device.

Step – 6: Now run the Spotify app and enjoy listening to songs.

How to install Spotify Premium APK on IOS Device

Step – 1: Spotify premium apk is the best music apk nowadays for apple devices.

Step – 2: Spotify Premium Free apk is available for iphone, ipad, Macbook, etc.

Step – 3: Forgetting Spotify premium APK on apple devices you need to first of all jailbreak your apple device.

Step – 4: If you do not want to jailbreak your apple device then you have a second option also in which you can purchase Spotify Premium for iOS from I tunes and enjoy the facilities of this awesome music app on your apple device.

How to block ads on Spotify Premium?

1 – Keep your device open and connect it to the internet connection.

2 – Now install an ad away to your device.

3 – Now open Spotify Premium APK.

4 – Now, add the link to your source list for blocking ads from the Spotify app.

Features of Spotify mega mod cracked APK

1 – Spotify mega mod cracked APK allow you to download any song, at any time on any of your device with this mod cracked Spotify APK

2 – You have the option of downloading music and you can listen to your downloaded music any time in the app.

3 – You will be going to enjoy the amazing sound quality of songs.

4 – There are no ads in this apk which means you can listen to your favorite song without any interruption.

5 – You can also cancel your subscription any time whenever you like.

Some instructions of how to use modded Spotify APK

  • First of all download the Spotify APK.
  • Before installing it, uninstall any previous version if installed on your mobile device.
  • Now, install the Spotify unlimited skips APK.
  • After installing lo in it with you Spotify logs in id.
  • Look for the premium features in the app and find a suitable feature for you, get it, and enjoy the app.

New features of the latest version of the Spotify app

Changes and improvements get regularly updated in the Spotify app with regular updates in its versions. Be always updated with the latest version of the Spotify app.

  • Beta and Stable versions are available in the latest version of the Spotify app.
  • There are 2 versions Spotify Beta version and final version both have the same features and results but still, it will be good to install the final version of the Spotify app.
  • There is unlimited shuffling in this new version.
  • This latest version of Spotify APK has ad blocked system in it.

Features of Spotify Premium App

  • Spotify is a very interesting app for listening to online music. You can listen to these awesome music beats on Premium Spotify Apk No Root.
  • Spotify allows you to listen to high-quality songs.
  • Spotify Premium is totally ad-free that is there is no issue of any ads.
  • You will be going to enjoy unlimited skips without any issue of ads.
  • The forced random restriction has been lifted.
  • Spotify Premium also has a modded Spotify app which is free that is you need not pay any charge for getting benefits and pleasure of the Spotify app.
  • You can listen to your favorite songs free of cost on your device /mobile.
  • There is a new feature of offline mode in which you are able to download your favorite song and listen to it later in offline mode whenever you want.
  • Now, there is a feature of listening songs any time on any of your devices like android, apple, windows pc or mac OS.
  • You can save your songs in the saving mode to your favorite list.
  • Create your own playlist with the best songs of Spotify which you like.
  • Listen to your favorite songs free on your mobile by using Premium Spotify APK.
  • Spotify Premium apk Cracked offline modded version is the free version of the Spotify app which does not need any paid subscription. You can find out this app on google play store of your android device.
  • Download and install Spotify Premium apk Cracked offline version for your device from google play and enjoy the features of it.
  • In this feature, you will limited features but if you want then you can also unlock the premium feature of this on Spotify app.
  • You will be able to play music of any artist or album on the Spotify app.
  • The browsing of songs via categories like hip hop, country, chill, mood, pop, etc . is very easy.

Features of Premium Mega mod APK

  • You have the option of unlocking Spotify Connect.
  • There is a new FWD button that has been added to the information bar/tablet mod.
  • In most countries, these features allow the facility of a video ad-block.
  • The extreme speed of audio unlocked is 320 kbps.
  • You will be going to get the facility of audio ad-block in this app.
  • There is an option of unlimited seeking over the songs.
  • Now there is no limit over the shuffling of songs i.e, you are now going to get unlimited shuffling.
  • You have the option of searching any song of any artist or album of your interest.
  • Repeat mode has been enabled nowadays in this app.

So, you can get the latest and awesome music playing app which is the Spotify app on your device completely free. Now, Android users can download the Spotify Premium App for Android.

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How to get Spotify Premium Free

You can use the premium feature or paid subscription in Spotify app if you want the additional features or wanted to enjoy the high quality of songs. So what are you waiting for go and install it by using the above-mentioned steps for different versions and features of Spotify apk? You can download any of the features of your own choice with your own desires. We hope that we have solved all of your queries and problems regarding Spotify apk and you will not be going to face any of the problems in downloading or installing the Spotify app. If you are facing any of the problems or have any query then feel free to ask them. So, Spotify is a wonderful app in the world of music which will give you a lot of pleasure and enjoyment.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Que – 1: How can I clean cache on Spotify Premium apk?

Ans: For cleaning cache from your Spotify premium app no root you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step – 1: In the first step, go to the edit option in the Spotify app.

Step – 2: After clicking on the Edit option choose the option stated as preference.

Step – 3: Click on the preferred option, now check the location of the folder and file from this option.

Step – 4: Now delete the folder you have founded.

Step – 5: Now clear all cache from the Spotify Premium APK.

Note: Keep Spotify cache backup safely. You can keep the back up on your mobile phone or either in your PC for a better experience of the app. or you can download newest movie hd apk

Que – 2: When I look for the Spotify download it says Not available in your country, Why? Is this due to an error?

Ans: When you look on the web for downloading Spotify app and it the screen says It is currently not available in your country then it means that this app is not available in your country. But do not worry you can get this app by using any good VPN or proxy or we can say by changing your current VPN. It is not an error or technical issue it is just due to because Spotify Premium APK is not available in all countries.

Que – 3: I have taken 7 days of free trial what will happen after 7 days? Will I need to go to a premium option?

Ans: If you have taken a free 7 days trial of Spotify premium apk then you can enjoy all of the features of the premium app which it offers for its paid users. After the period of 7 days when its gets completed, you will be shifted to the normal freemium version of Spotify app in which you will be only able to use some of the basic features which are available free of cost but forgetting the additional features or the same features you were enjoying before you need to get paid subscription or premium subscription of Spotify Premium APK by paying some of the normal fixed charges to the developers of Spotify. So if you want to get the premium feature then go for the paid subscription and if you wanted to be on the free mode then you can also use some free basic features of Spotify.

Que – 4: Whenever I try to open the Spotify app the screen of my android phone gets blank. Please solve it.

Ans: If the screen of your android mobile gets blank or show a white screen whenever you tried to open the Spotify app on your device it is not due to an error, this simply means that your android device is not working or your device is not supporting the Spotify app that is why your device’s screen gets blank.

Que – 5: I have the limited speed of the internet.

Ans: Earlier Spotify was using P2P which allows you to use Spotify even on low-speed internet but now Spotify is not working anymore on P2P. The internet speed required by Spotify for its better use is –

* Quality 96 kbps – 0.73 MB per minute ( only for mobile devices )

* Quality 160 kbps – 1.2 MB per minute ( for the free, unlimited and premium feature of Spotify )

* Quality 320 kbps – 2.4 MB per minute ( for premium, desktop, and some mobile platforms )

For online streaming, you will require a lot of bandwidth but if you have less bandwidth then you can also change the cache size to 100 GB. This step will slow down the network requirements.

Que – 6: If I want to stream Spotify with mobile data then how much data will I require for a month?

Ans: If you have access to the premium feature then you have an option of downloading songs offline After downloading songs no data will be spent on listening to them. But if you do not have a premium feature or want to listen to songs online then the usage of data depends on your internet connection and how much you use the Spotify app for listening songs. If you have access to the automatic high-quality download option on your android phone then your device will select the best quality for that music or song and go depending on network type or speed. Your music can even go at edge network on 96 kbps and if you do not want to go for the full sound or quality then you can switch automatic download to 160 kbps or to manual for saving internet connection.

Data usage depends on how much you listen to Spotify music, the basic usage is 144 MB in one hour at the speed of 320 kbps. So, if you stream for music for an hour every day then in 31 months your data usage will be around –

* 96 kbps: 43 MB in one hour which means 1339 MB or 1.3 GB for a month only on the mobile device.

* 160 kbps: 72 MB in one hour which means 2232 MB or 2.2 GB for a month.

* 320 kbps: 144 MB in one hour which means 4464 MB or 4.4 GB for a month on a premium feature.

These data usages are for one hour if you browse for 1 hour in a day but if you browse or listen to music for more than 1 hour in a day then the data usage will get increased. These given data usages are available only for Spotify usage.

Que – 7: How much space do I require for using and listening to songs on the Spotify app?

Ans: If you use the online streaming or downloading songs a lot then you will be going to need a large space for the successful running of Spotify. You must have at least 32 GB free space in your device or you can also insert sd card of high storage to avoid any problem.

Que – 8: How can I listen to music through Spotify on my desktop?

Ans: You can listen to online or offline streaming music by using Spotify web player or by downloading the Spotify app on your desktop device.

Que – 09: After purchasing the premium feature of Spotify I am still having ads and free service. Why?

Ans: No, the premium feature of Spotify does not include ads and free services and if you are facing this problem then you can fix it easily. For solving this issue go to file option then click the log out from your Spotify device. After getting successfully log out, you need to again login to your device with the same login id, now you will not be going to face this problem anymore.

Que – 10: Which format is used by Spotify?

Ans: The format which is used by Spotify is OGG format. This format is very good with great sound.

Que – 11: How can I get Spotify premium APK?

Ans: You can get this app on google play store if you are installing Spotify Premium APK on your android device or you can look for the online links for downloading this app.

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