How Automated Push Notifications Are the Weapon of E-Commerce

In today’s times, when the customer’s demands and preferences are always changing along with the online changing trends, it has become more important for you to choose the most productive marketing channels for reaching out to your potential customers.

Today’s customers are more aware of their product demands and moreover about their sellers. So, getting the new customers along with retaining the old ones with you has become a challenging task for all traders, and staying in the market with your brand name as well as to remain in the competition with your business rivals is even more challenging.

Just like the customers are easily switching between the physical and digital market stores for buying & fulfilling their needs, in the same manner, you are also required to strategize your marketing plans accordingly so that you can extend your range to the maximum audience.

Here, the technology has provided you so many ways which you can easily use for marking your presence directly on your potential customer’s desktop screens as well as on their personal mobile phone screens and one such way is using automated push notifications. 

The push notifications are nothing more than short and simple messages which the users received on their mobile phones and computer screens sent from the websites which the user has already visited before and from the business applications that the user has already installed in his mobile phone. 

Further, here I am going to discuss some easy and quick wins for you which you can easily have with the use of WordPress push notifications & woocommerce push notifications for your e-commerce business:

Retargeting the Abandoned Cart Users:

Most of the people while doing online shopping left the shopping cart without finishing the buying process. Here, the overall online shopping abandon cart rate is more than 70% which means more than 70% of people just do not give the final order for the products which they are

already interested in buying. This usually happens due to many reasons such as online payment failed by the user’s debit or credit card, the delivery date is not according to the user’s preference or even sometimes the user feels that the prices are high and many more. 

So here basically you are not required to encourage the user for buying your product but you only need to remind the user about those products which he already has chosen from your website or business app. For reminding these kinds of users, you simply can choose to send the WordPress push notifications as well as woocommerce push notifications on user’s screens. 

Now see the abandoned cart rate which is approx 70% is really high. So you can easily double your sales and your profits as well if you have correctly used this eCommerce weapon of sending the WordPress-woocommerce push notifications. 

Deriving the Wish List Users:

Basically, the wishlist is the list of all those desired products which your user wishes to purchase from your online store. This means the user is already interested in your product. All you need to do is to keep reminding your users from time to time so that they may initiate buying those products which are already added to their wishlist. 

Here you can use the clever reminders via WordPress push notifications & woocommerce push notifications targeting the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) factor such as limited stock remains or adding some discount offers for a limited period only. 

Boosting the Up-selling/Cross-selling Offers:

With the help of WordPress-woocommerce push notifications, you can motivate your potential customers to buy more from your online retail store. Here, let’s suppose you are dealing with smartphone accessories like headphones, mobile chargers, stylish phone covers, etc. Now, one of your potential customers is searching for headphones at your online store which ultimately will be added to your user’s browsing history. So, here you can instigate these kinds of users to buy higher quality & higher pricing products like sending them automated push notifications about wireless headphones that can be easily carried and connected with the user’s mobile device instead of buying simple headphones. This is known as upselling. 

Further, you can also inspire cross-selling. Here, let’s imagine that you are dealing with fashion outlets and the user is looking for a piece of jeans or t-shirt at your online store. As per your user’s browsing history, you can send them WordPress-woocommerce push notifications that will inspire them to buy the combo of jeans and t-shirt at a special rate. This way you can also do cross-selling and which eventually going to increase your income. 


This way using the WordPress-woocommerce push notifications in a smart and effective manner can really increase your eCommerce business. Here the one thing which you always need to remember is that the shoppers are always keen on buying something either it’s your online store or someone else’s. All you need to do is to awaken your potential user in the right way by using the right weapon at the right time and you will be hitting the bull’s eye. 

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